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At Atkinson & Polak, PLLC, we’ve made it our mission to hold employers accountable for their mistakes. Over the years, we’ve represented people in a wide range of industries — from coal mining to nursing to office management. And through our efforts, we’ve successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of those who were wrongfully fired.

As a legal team, we’re known for two things: fierce representation and excessive preparation. In other words, whether your case calls for traditional negotiations or an intensive trial, we’re up for the challenge.

What Constitutes
Wrongful Termination?

Termination is “wrongful” when it’s rooted in discrimination or retaliation.

If you were fired because of your demographics (meaning your race, gender, sex, religion, or another identifying characteristic), you were wrongfully terminated. Likewise, if your being fired can be linked to an illness, an injury, a disagreement with your employer, or another reason that has nothing to do with your work performance, you have every right to file a wrongful termination claim.

What Payment Could You Receive for
Wrongful Termination?

Lost Wages (aka “Back Pay”)

When you win a wrongful termination case, back pay is the money you’re awarded to make up for the paychecks you would have received if you hadn’t been fired. Generally, back pay is calculated from the date you were let go to the date you win your case.

Personal Suffering

While calculating lost wages is fairly straightforward, non-monetary damages are a little trickier to assign a financial value. With the help of an experienced law firm, however, you could be compensated for any emotional distress, embarrassment, humiliation, inconvenience, aggravation, and/or loss of dignity caused by losing your job.

Punitive Damages

If your employer did something especially offensive or wrong, you may be able to collect punitive damages on top of these other forms of compensation. Punitive damages act as additional payment for you and additional punishment for your employer, thereby discouraging them from repeating their offensive behavior.

Attorneys’ Fees & Costs

That’s right. If you hire an attorney to represent you through a wrongful termination claim and win, you could be awarded a higher compensation amount to make up for the costs of having to hire legal counsel in the first place.

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Millions Recovered for Our Clients

$3.2 Million

Recovered on behalf of Mr. Mitchem, who was wrongfully terminated after taking time off work for cancer treatments, including surgery and a six-week absence for radiation treatment.

$2 Million

Recovered on behalf of Mrs. Cartwright, a nurse who raised a complaint regarding the health and safety of her patients, only to be met with employer retaliation — in the form wrongful termination.

$2 Million

Recovered on behalf of Ms. Smith, who was unjustly let go after she filed a lawsuit against her employer for sexual harassment, hostile work environment, negligent retention, and constructive demotion.

$2 Million

Recovered on behalf of Mr. Burns, who was let go under the guise of company downsizing. We later proved this to be wrongful termination because his employer had fired him for making safety complaints.

$1.9 Million

Recovered on behalf of Mr. Peters, who followed his doctor’s orders and took some time off to rest a broken arm. After healing, he tried to return to work only to discover he had been unjustly fired.


Recovered on behalf of Mrs. Thompson, who had to take 4 months off work to recuperate from multiple surgeries. Her employer claimed she was fired for workplace errors, but we demonstrated that it was in fact wrongful termination.

Free Consultations for Wrongful Termination
Cases in West Virginia

Every day, people throughout West Virginia are fired for all the wrong reasons. They’re fired for having discriminatory bosses, for speaking out against their hostile work environments, for demanding safer work conditions — the list goes on. If you were let go for any reason that relates back to your demographics, your values, a demand you made regarding the workplace, or an action you took against your employer, contact Atkinson & Polak, PLLC immediately. Based in Charleston, we’re proud to stand up for those who have been wrongfully terminated throughout the state of West Virginia.