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We don't hesitate to take a case to trial. We are known for this. Our willingness to fight is an advantage in or out of the courtroom.
John Polak

Our extensive experience working with clients throughout West Virginia makes us a leading choice for representation when you are facing complex legal issues. When we take your case, we think about both sides at trial.

We work hard to determine an approach that is best for your case while also thinking carefully about the strategy developed by the other side. This allows us to address your case objectively and to craft a compelling strategy aligned with your end goals in mind. You deserve to have somebody who will help you understand your case from the outset so you are equipped to make prompt and effective decisions when you need to.

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You need a legal team who responds when you reach out. We make ourselves available so that you can get help and answers when you need them.

Honest answers

From our first meeting with you, we’ll give you a realistic perspective of your case. When you ask questions later on, you’ll know you can trust us.

Hands-on service

When you hire us, you know that you have a legal team willing to fight for you.

Past Results

*When you read our case results, you should be aware that not all case results are typical, and that your results may be different. Every case is unique and has its own merits that must be evaluated by a legal professional.

Aggressive litigation with integrity

You deserve someone who will work hard on your behalf. The outcome of your case can have significant ramifications on your future. Don’t wait to get help when you need a legal team you can trust. Our reputation was earned after helping numerous clients just like you, clients who needed honest answers and committed lawyers working hard on their behalf. 

We take our role seriously from start to finish. It’s our goal to get an accurate picture of the legal issues at hand from our first meeting so we can begin preparing the right tactics moving forward.

We are not afraid of going to trial. While in some cases we may be able to successfully resolve your case outside of court using settlement negotiations, we start preparing your case for the trial stage as soon as possible so that we are fully prepared.

In any legal case, you need to know that someone is looking out for your best interests. We work hard to explore all possible avenues for resolution and to represent your interests effectively, too. You need a legal team you can count on.