Wrongful Termination

When you have a job, you count on that employment to pay your bills. When you lose your job suddenly and without a legitimate reason, this action can send shockwaves through your family. This bad situation can escalate when your employer wrongfully terminated you. It’s important to realize during this time that you may be able to recover compensation after speaking with West Virginia wrongful termination lawyers. 

When is a Termination Illegal? 

Generally speaking, unless you are under contract, you are considered an "at will" employee. This means that your employer can fire you for any reason, as long as it is not an illegal one. Nevertheless, the motivating factor behind your termination must also be valid – if you feel that the reason given for your dismissal was not the "real" reason, you may have a claim for wrongful termination. 

West Virginia law prohibits certain types of terminations. A person who is illegally fired can claim compensation for financial losses (including front pay and back pay), lost benefits and non-economic damages including embarrassment, humiliation and emotional distress. In some cases, punitive damages may also be awarded.

How a Law Firm Can Help with Your Legal Claim 

Our firm takes legal action on behalf of employees just like you who have been wrongfully dismissed. Our firm represents clients in cases involving many types of wrongful termination suits, including:

  • Retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim
  • Whistleblowing or reporting illegal activity by your employer, a manager or a fellow employee
  • Reporting OSHA or safety violations
  • Reporting or complaining about sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Taking advantage of family or medical leave benefits
  • Other reasons prohibited by law

An attorney at our firm can evaluate your case and discuss your prospects for success. We make it our job to completely understand your legal issues and craft a roadmap for next steps.

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Our attorneys have a record of success on behalf of clients in employment law, personal injury, and insurance coverage cases. We will work energetically to develop your case and press your claim forward. Our goal will be to obtain compensation and justice for you.

Important Information about Your Legal Rights 

Before you file an unemployment claim, talk with Atkinson & Polak. What you say on your claim could adversely affect your chances of success in a wrongful termination lawsuit. It is important in any case for you to gather as much evidence as possible before filing a claim. For example:

  • Write down what happened before your memory fades.
  • Get the names and phone numbers of witnesses or employees who can shed light on what happened to you.
  • If possible, obtain copies of your company's employment manual or other printed employment policies.
  • Contact a law firm. We can explain the legal process and discuss what we could do to obtain compensation and justice for you.

If you’re not yet sure whether you intend to file a case, now is the right time to get answers to your questions. Contact our office now for a free consultation about your needs.

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When you’ve been let go because an employer illegally terminated you, it’s in your best interest to get legal help as soon as possible to protect your rights.